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Custom Kettle Corn is pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to help raise funds for your school! The fundraiser is comprised of students/parents selling individual bags of kettlecorn to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. 50% of the profit will be given back to the school once all orders have been placed and fulfilled.

The school will be responsible to provide a Fundraising Coordinator that will assemble all orders and distribute the bags to the students once they have been delivered. Custom Kettle Corn will supply an original order form that can be duplicated for each student. Once the students have received their order form, they will be given a specified amount of time to take orders and gather the appropriate funds. Each bag of kettlecorn will sell for $6. Students will need to collect cash or check at the time of order. A delivery date will be agreed upon once all orders have been collected. The size of the entire order will determine the amount of time needed to complete the order.

Please call or email today to get your school's fundraiser on our calender!